Vandy (Jenny to some) has been in the industry now for nearly 10 years. She graduated from Paul Mitchell the School East Bay with honors in 2010. She worked as a makeup artist with Benefit Cosmetics for a time while waiting to take her license exam, as well as doing hair for weddings and special events. After getting her license she started behind the chair at a small salon in Dublin, Ca. She then found a love (more like obsession) for Kevin Murphy products. That’s when she found Rae Talbot Salon! She has now been with the salon since 2014. She has since gotten married, traveled and worked in Australia, been a cosmetology instructor, started a family, and grown more and more obsessed with Kevin Murphy. She Specializes in natural, easy maintenance hair that is beautiful and healthy! She is currently in the salon part time so that she can balance taking care of her clients, and spending time with her new obsession, her son, Leo! See below to book an appointment or to learn more about Vandy!

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Nicole Ruiz

Born and raised in the Bay Area CA, Nicole has always been surrounded by creativity and diversity of culture. Hearing clients stories and what styles excite them drive her to create a special and unique service.

Nicole is a color educator and specialist with the line Kevin Murphy. Color theory has always come natural to her. While performing hair cuts and styling in the salon, she is always updating her techniques. Nicole specializes in event hair and airbrush makeup. She can preform anything from a bridal look to a specific full face character or creature that you wish. She is constantly furthering her education in all of these aspects and loves to preform these services.

As a young girl, Nicole would always be curious as to how the hair and makeup looks were created in movies and shows. As a middle schooler, she tried to get Her hands on anyone who would let her do their hair or makeup with whatever tools and products she had in sight. By high school, she was creating a small clientele for prom and dance services. Nicole's first wedding event was booked when she was just 18 years old!

As a strong believer in preserving our beautiful planet, Nicole wants to assure her clients that the products she uses are cruelty free and non-toxic. Minimizing her carbon footprint and the cruelty of animals is a priority for her. The nature around us has always inspired her, utilizing earth elements for healing and growth has always been apart of Nicoles life.

For Nicole, cosmetology is more than the study of hair skin and nails. She chose this career to enhance natural beauty, to help heal the insecurities of those in her chair, to break through barriers we tend to create for ourselves, and to express the artistic and creative passion we all hold within us.